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3G Bikes & Cruisers

Where it all began...

3G Bikes is the final product of many years of hard work, life experiences, and dreams of founder, president and designer Gary Silva. Silva’s love for bicycles began at an early age, as he worked side by side with his father who operated and owned bicycle shops in New Jersey and Argentina. As an adult, Silva struck out on his own, and opened his first bicycle shop in 1976. That shop later led to Silva successfully running a chain of 8 bicycle stores in Florida. Despite his success, Silva soon discovered his heart wasn’t in retail... it was in design.

Silva designed his first chopper in 1995, and has since been credited with starting the retro-chopper trend that swept the bicycle industry. He brought new relaxed geometry to the cruiser market by designing bikes with a longer frame.  Selling all of his bike shops in Florida, Silva Headed west to California in 1997. It was at that time he met Canadian graphic designer Liam Hayes, who also had a love for bikes. He also soon met Seth Grossman, who loved Silva’s designs and helped run the business from LA while Silva lived in Taiwan, fully immersing himself in the manufacturing process and Hayes handled all the advertising, art and marketing.

Still feeling as if he hadn’t found his home with Phat Cycles, Gary Silva left the company and took Hayes with him, forming a new company naming it 3G Bikes in honor of the 3 Gary’s who are known as proliferators in bicycle design. Gary Turner (GT Bikes) the godfather of BMX, Gary Fisher credited with inventing mountain bikes, and Gary Klein who is credited with much of the aluminum/welding technology used in bicycle manufacturing today. Liam Hayes is still working with 3G Bikes, but has recently started a solo venture that allows him to be an illustration artist full time: www.Grumpy Clothing.com

Here we are today...

3G Bikes is committed to quality. From design, to concept, to final product, we ensure that our bikes are safe, handle and perform well and are masterfully crafted. Our bikes are designed with the rider in mind. They are completely ergonomically correct, and fully adjustable, so the rider can find their comfort zone while maintaining a powerful pedal stroke.

We stand behind our products and we know that everyone who buys a 3G will thoroughly enjoy riding one of our finely tuned bicycles. We want to ensure that IBD have great profit margins. Most of all, we strive to create a product that IBD can believe in. We believe that if someone loves a product, they are more comfortable selling it with confidence.

Our headquarters are in Long Beach, CA and we have a warehouse and distribution center in Jacksonville, FL to serve IBD on the East Coast. Andrew E-Z Carter is taking care of our business on the East Coast and continues to do an amazing job in sales and supporting East Coast IBD.

We’ve had a hard, yet exciting road to get to where we are today.  We are very excited about what the future holds for 3G Bikes, and we invite you along for the ride!  
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